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When you undertake to learn more details about the Hebrew letters, you will notice two misguided things surrounding your study:
1. Kabbalah (codes, secrets) supposedly only revealed by those guided by forces. This is part of the Hindu/gnostic infection that invaded the Middle East beginning around 200 BCE, yet not codified until the later Middle Ages with the writing of the book, the Zohar (first appeared circa 1286 CE). The Zohar is the primary text for Kabbalah study, and is mainly written for those seeking “fulfillment.”
The goal is to interpret Scripture for its mystical secrets, guided by rabbis who have attained secret knowledge. These practices match those of Hinduism, showing the early Gnostic invasion in the Middle East created the rabbinical order, or gurus by another name.

  1. The alphabet they will have you study is not Hebrew, it’s Aramaic. Added to this misdirection, you will be exposed to the invented vowel marks called niqqud.
    These were the gift of the Karaite sect called the Masoretes (masorah means tradition).
    They misdirected the utterances of the letters over a 500-year span, beginning in the 700’s so that no one would ever correctly pronounce “YAHU.” They bent it to become “YEHO” and divert the reader to say a completely different word, adonai. They also direct the reader to say “ha shem” as they eliminate the Name Yahuah, and show only two small letters in Aramaic, both representing the letter yod.

These appear somewhat like bold apostrophes: ’’
Their attack on the language is accepted as a great tool, but in fact it is the most damaging single thing that’s ever happened to Hebrew, and utterly anathema (forbidden) to we who serve Yahusha. Imagine Yahusha reading Scripture and substituting the Name Yahuah with another word, guided by the traditions of the fathers; He certainly would not do such a thing.
The Arabs were never scattered, nor did they have such an internal attack on their mostly Hebrew-based speech tradition.
They received a more direct attack from the Hindu worship of Shiva, which is the source of their Kaba, the black stone, the crescent & star, circumambulating, beads, turbans, prayer mats (sacred spaces for yogo/prayer), and other fertility practices.
Most teachers are far too invested in the traditions, so they will not be happy to abandon them. They will attack and destroy the reputation of the messenger, because when you speak the Truth, they get angry with the one speaking it, instead of being angered for being lied to.
The best way to side-step the traditional errors is to simply study the Hebrew letters as they became the same sounds in other languages. There’s a chart at this webpage:

The Hindu influences: