Identity Movements


Are The Real Hebrews Identified By Slavery?

Miryam was critical of Mosheh for marrying an Ethiopian girl at Numbers 12. Some have claimed she was critical of her brother for marrying someone outside the Covenant. The text does not say this.

If it were a Covenant thing, Mosheh would have been the one to come down with leprosy, not his sister who would have had every right to see a problem. It is not logical to assume that Mosheh was white either; the text simply tells the truth about there being a distinction of appearance. There is a large movement promoting the idea that “true Yisharal” can be identified because of their long history of enslavement.

The idea that slavery is the identifying feature is equivocation.

Yahusha knows who are His, even if we don’t.

Yahusha spoke with the Yahudim who believed in Him (Yn. 8:31).

Here is where the “slavery” teaching falls apart: Yn. 8:33:

“They answered Him, ‘We are the seed of Abrahim, and have been servants to no one at any time. How do you say, ‘You shall become free’?”

Two points to recognize here:

  1. Yahusha was talking to Yahudim.
  2. They claimed they had never been servants at any time, and were the descendants of Abrahim.