Two Witnesses 2016


Two Witnesses Sensation- 2016

Current reports are going around on the Internet that the two witnesses have announced the first moon of the new year arrived on 3-10-2016.

First, were they correct that 3-10-2016 is the beginning, or first moon (while winter was still going on), and second, is this report the message the two witnesses will bring to us? The real first moon of the coming year is to arrive at sunset on 4-8-2016. On 3-10-2016 we were still well-within winter, since the Sun was not to reach the equator for another 10 days. Granted, if it had been within 3 or 4 days’s time the first moon would be legitimately confirmed, but not this year. About 7 out of every 19 years we see an added month.


The reason the two witnesses will appear is because Yahuah made it clear that before the death penalty may be applied, a minimum of two witnesses must testify. The Earth will be judged on the Day of Yahuah, and so there will be a final warning given by the two witnesses before billions perish.


They will expose the lie of the dragon’s authority over the Earth as they announce the reign of Yahusha, and convict the world of violating the everlasting Covenant. They will expose and convict, fulfilling the mission of the Paraklita concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment. Then the end will come.


When the real two witnesses arrive they will announce a message the people of the Earth will absolutely hate to hear, as it will threaten the teaching authorities. Their message will not be silenced until they are finished, and it will concern repentance of all inhabitants of Earth to obedience to the Covenant. Those who live by the Word will know the Truth; those on the broad path will not.

The anti-messiah will come using the false name “Jesus.”

Yahusha will return having the same Name He had when He was born. He will not have the name “Jesus” – this name will not survive the second-coming. The true Name of the Mashiak is Yahusha. He will not allow the anti-messiah to use His true Name, but rather will allow the strong delusion. Yahusha’s two witnesses will confirm the Truth, which will disturb the teaching authorities and their false teachings.

“I am the Yahuah; that is my Name! I will not give My esteem to another or my praise to idols.” YashaYahu 42:8

His Word and His Name are another two witnesses. Mosheh is the witness of His Word, and AliYahu is the witness of His Name. Yahuah called shamayim (heaven) and arets (earth) as two witnesses:

“I have called the shamayim and the arets as witnesses today against you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Therefore you shall choose life, so that you live, both you and your seed, to love Yahuah your Alahim, to obey His voice, and to cling to Him – for He is your life and the length of your Yomim – to dwell in the land which Yahuah swore to your fathers, to Abrahim, to Yitshaq, and to YaAqob, to give them.” Dt. 30:19-20 (BYNV)

A youtube video (Torahtalk) about the Two Witnesses:

Passover is our annual remembrance of Yahusha’s death, and is observed in the midst of the first moon each year (See Ex. 12).
The annual festivals prepare us for one event: the harvest of the Earth. Reapers will come to take out the weeds first, then gather the wheat into the New Yerushalayim. Many stumble attempting to understand what the annual appointments mean, or when they are.
Seven times every nineteen years, a month is added to the calendar because the new moon of the year must arrive after the winter ends. This year is one of those years, but “calendar specialists” are declaring the new moon of the year arrived March 10, even though winter was not nearly over.
These things happen to them because they are looking for signals not mentioned in Scripture, such as barley at various stages of development.
This means the entire year of festivals will be a whole month earlier. Most are observing Pesak on 3-24-2016, even though Yahusha said, “When the branch becomes tender and puts forth leaves, you know that Summer (kayits) is near.” – Mt. 24:32
Summer arrives when the Sun reaches the equator, and has nothing to do with barley.

There is no Scripture telling us to watch for barley then the next new moon, that’s an idea men keep repeating.
The main thing to remember is Yahusha is our Passover.
Our righteous acts are as filthy rags. He is most pleased with us when we love one another as He loves us. He is perfect, and we rely on that rather than our perfection. He searches hearts and knows that whatever we do will have shortcomings. Share your understanding, but do not condemn. Google “Passover 2016.”

What caused us to reject the Truth?

Tradition. The wineskins (hearts) are filled with traditions, the teachings of men (old wine). One reason people find it much easier to keep doing what they have always done is: everyone expects it of them.

They’re invested in their behavior so much, it’s too painful to stop.

The festival of Yahuah called “Unleavened Bread” (Matsah) points to the removal of the leavening (men’s teachings) which corrupt the pure instructions of love. We are to “live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of Yahuah,” but instead the leavening of human traditions overshadows and strangles the Truth, replacing it with bunnies, trees, wreaths, and other fertility behavior. The corruption is vile, but our hearts embrace it because we have been sent a strong delusion.

When our eyes are opened, we recognize it to be witchcraft (rebellion). Our teachers are blind to it.