How Do We Know His Name Is Yahusha?

The first followers wrote their “gospels” and letters in their common language, Hebrew, not Greek. This is proven from the fact that the church fathers (like Epiphanius) wrote about encountering Natsarim who held some of the first followers’ writings, and mentioned they were in Hebrew, and admitted these were written in the Hebrew script, “as they were originally written.”

The early Christian leadership at Alexandria were supported by the Fiscus Judaicus (Jewish tax), and eliminated any Hebrew writings they could find.

The way we know His Name is “Yahusha” is that the Greek translation shows that the Latinized Greek form for Jesus (IHSOUS), is the same transliterated name for the one they call “Joshua.”

If you study the Greek text at Hebrews 4 and Acts 7, you’ll see the same Greek letters are used for “Jesus” and “Joshua.”

ihsous – iEsous (G2424) n_ Nom Sg m: JESUS – Joshua

His only true Name is Hebrew, and based on “Yahuah,” sharing the first 3 letters, yod-hay-uau, “YAHU.”